God in the Brokenness

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Musings on Theology, Sexuality, Life, and the furious longing of God for all of us.

Striving to follow Jesus to the best of my ability. Grace is central to who I am.

In search of Koinonia (The idealised state of fellowship and community that should exist within the Christian Church.)
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  • "These clever benches are the opposite of anti-homeless spikes. In the wake of #spikegate, which took place a few weeks ago when owners of a block of Southwark flats placed spikes on the pavement outside their building’s entrance to ‘discourage’ people from sleeping there (the spikes have since been removed, we’re pleased to add), we’ve discovered how housing and homeless support charity RainCity in Canada has turned its adverts into emergency shelters for people on the streets.

    Much nicer than those nasty spikes, eh?”


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      Such a beautiful response to anti-homeless spikes. This makes my heart so happy
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