God in the Brokenness

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Musings on Theology, Sexuality, Life, and the furious longing of God for all of us.

Striving to follow Jesus to the best of my ability. Grace is central to who I am.

In search of Koinonia (The idealised state of fellowship and community that should exist within the Christian Church.)
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  • “ You had about the same chance of choosing your God as you had in choosing your parents. This God of Sara and Abraham, this God who so madly loved the world God created that God slipped into skin and walked among us as Jesus…this God who speaks through crazy prophets and kisses lepers and makes whole that which is broken, this very God has chosen you…claimed you and named you as God’s own. It’s a wonderful mercy. A wild mystery to have a God who comes down to claim you in water and words forever marking you as God’s own. ”


    Nadia Bolz-Weber

    during a baptismal service

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